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At Markarian Law, PC, we recognize the importance of meal and rest breaks in maintaining a healthy work environment and the well-being of employees. Our seasoned employment attorneys specialize in addressing violations related to meal and rest breaks, ensuring that workers receive the breaks they are legally entitled to. If you believe your employer has denied you the appropriate meal and rest breaks or subjected you to retaliation for taking them, the Markarian Law Firm is here to provide expert guidance and seek justice on your behalf.

Our Approach to Meal and Rest Break Violations:

  • In-Depth Understanding of Labor Laws: Markarian Law Firm attorneys possess a comprehensive understanding of labor laws governing meal and rest breaks, allowing us to navigate the intricacies of your case with expertise. We stay informed about the latest legal developments to provide you with the best representation.
  • Client-Centric Advocacy: Your right to proper meal and rest breaks is our top priority. Throughout the legal process, Markarian Law Firm maintains open communication, keeping you informed and involved. Our client-focused approach ensures that you play an active role in building and pursuing your case.
  • Expertise in Various Violations: Whether your case involves denial of meal breaks, rest break violations, or retaliation for taking breaks, our legal team has the expertise to address a wide range of meal and rest break violations.

Understanding Meal and Rest Break Rights in California:

California Labor Code 512 outlines employee rights regarding meal and rest breaks, aiming to prevent excessive work periods without adequate breaks.

Under California law, non-exempt employees working more than five hours in a day are entitled to an unpaid 30-minute meal break. This break must be provided before the end of the fifth hour of work. Employers cannot require employees to work during their meal break unless the nature of the work requires it and a written agreement between employer and employee exists.

If an employee works more than ten hours in a day, they are entitled to a second 30-minute meal break. This second break can be waived if the following conditions are met:

  • The total hours worked do not exceed twelve.
  • The first meal break was not waived.
  • There is mutual agreement between the employer and employee.

Additionally, California law mandates rest breaks for non-exempt employees who work more than three and a half hours in a day.

What Are the Regulations in California Regarding Meal Periods?

  • Minimum duration: 30 minutes, unpaid.
  • Timing: Before the end of the fifth hour of work.
  • Waiver: Possible for shifts up to 6 hours with mutual agreement.
  • Second meal break: Required for working over 10 hours, waivable only if the first wasn’t waived and both parties agree (for shifts <= 12 hours).
  • “On-duty” meal breaks: Only allowed if specific job duties prevent complete relief from duty, with a written agreement acknowledging this.

What Are the Regulations in California Regarding Rest Breaks?

  • Duration:10 minutes, paid.
  • Frequency:One for every 4-hour work period or major fraction thereof.
  • Exemption: Employees working less than 3.5 hours in a day.
  • Compensation: One additional hour of pay at the regular rate for each missed rest or meal period.

Additional notes:

  • This information is intended for general awareness and does not constitute legal advice.
  • Specific exemptions and exceptions exist based on employee type, industry, etc.
  • Consulting a qualified employment attorney is recommended for personalized guidance and determining adequate break provision.
  • This revision excludes information regarding legal services and fees.

Understanding Employer’s Affirmative Duties:

California Labor Code 512 outlines specific requirements for employers regarding rest breaks for non-exempt employees. As an employer, it’s important to understand these requirements to ensure compliance with state law.

Key Points:

  • Non-exempt employees working over 3.5 hours are entitled to a 10-minute, paid rest break for every 4 hours worked, or major fraction thereof.
  • Employees must be completely relieved of all duties during their breaks. This means they cannot be required to work or be available for work in any way.
  • Employers cannot impede, discourage, or dictate where employees go during their breaks. Employees have the freedom to use their breaks as they choose, as long as they return on time.
  • Employers are not required to force employees to take breaks. They must simply provide the opportunity and ensure breaks are uninterrupted.

What is the difference between Exempt and Non-Exempt Employee:

California labor laws classify employees as either exempt or non-exempt, and this classification determines their right to meal and rest breaks.

Non-exempt employees:

  • Are entitled to federal minimum wage and overtime pay.
  • Include various occupations across different fields, not limited to professional, mechanical, technical, clerical, and similar roles.
  • Are guaranteed an unpaid 30-minute meal break if they work more than five hours in a day.
  • Must be relieved of all duties during their meal break.

Exempt employees:

  • Generally hold certain supervisory, administrative, or professional roles.
  • Are not automatically entitled to meal breaks or overtime pay under federal and state laws.
  • Specific criteria determine their exempt status, and it’s crucial to consult official resources or legal professionals for accurate classification.

If you think your rights are being violated, do not hesitate to seek information and consider legal advice. Take the first step towards justice: Contact Markarian Law, PC today at 877-MARKARIAN (877-627-5274) for a free and confidential consultation. Let us be your advocates in the fight for your employment rights under the law.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Workplace Discrimination: If you have faced discrimination in the workplace based on your religious beliefs, our attorneys will vigorously pursue justice. This includes cases of religious bias in hiring, promotions, or a hostile work environment.
  • Religious Accommodations: Employers are required to make reasonable accommodations for employees’ religious practices. If you have been denied reasonable accommodations, we will fight to protect your rights.
  • Education Discrimination: Discrimination based on religion has no place in educational institutions. Our attorneys work to address and rectify instances of religious discrimination in schools and universities.
  • Housing Discrimination: If you have been unfairly treated in housing due to your religious beliefs, we will work tirelessly to ensure your rights are protected.
  • Civil Rights Violations: If your civil rights have been violated due to religious discrimination, our legal team is prepared to take decisive action to protect your rights and seek compensation.

Why Choose The Markarian Law Firm?

  • Proven Track Record: Our firm has a successful track record of securing favorable outcomes for our clients.
  • Passionate Advocates: Our team of passionate attorneys is dedicated to fighting for religious freedom and ensuring that our clients receive fair treatment.
  • Customized Legal Strategies: We understand that each case is unique. Our attorneys provide personalized attention, tailoring our approach to meet the specific needs of your situation.

Take the first step towards justice. Contact Markarian Law, PC today at 877-MARKARIAN (877-627-5274) for a free and confidential consultation. Let us be your advocates in the fight for religious freedom and equal treatment under the law.

No Fee Unless We Win Guarantee:

Our employment law firm operates on a contingency fee basis when representing victims of religious discrimination. This means clients do not bear any out-of-pocket expenses and are not responsible for attorney fees unless the case is won or settled. If the case does not result in recovery, the client incurs no attorney fees. Consulting with experienced work discrimination lawyers of the Markarian Law Firm at 877-MARKARIAN (877-627-5274) can empower you to assess your situation and explore potential legal remedies – and the best part is it won’t cost you anything unless we win!